The BFG takes place in a land far away from everything, a land only for giants. bfg.gif There are not many trees and bushes, but there is a huge area of grass, where the other giants sleep. The BFG lives in a huge cave in the mountain all by himself. The story covers a week or so, from when Sophie is kidnapped to when The BFG gets an education. The scenes that are the most important ones are when we are in the land of the giants. Then you get to know how the other giants and how the BFG live.

The story has a normal structure, where it starts from the beginning and ends with the end. It’s very clear were the beginning, the middle and the end are. So it is not difficult to read and understand the story. In this book there’s only one main plot that covers the whole story. It is about a girl who lives in an orphanage called Sophie, which sees a giant blowing something into a window to a child not far from her house. And then the giant sees her and kidnaps her.indexBottom2.jpg The giant brings her to his cave, and after a while they become friends. The giant, called The BFG, says she is very lucky that she didn’t get kidnapped by the other giants, because they eat children. The BFG only blows dreams in the children’s head. When Sophie sees that the other giants were going to England to eat children, she schedules a plan. The plan is to mix up a dream that contains the message that explains the giants and how they kill little children, and give this dream to the Queen. The Queen sees Sophie in the window just as she dreamed and she starts to believe the dream. After a few calls the Queens decides to capture the giants. The BFG, Sophie and the army soon travels to get the giants and put them in a pit. This pit was so high that they couldn’t get out of it. At the end of the story, the BFG gets a real education and then he learns to write correct.

The BFG blowing dreams into childrens bedroom.

The monsters get caught.

The BFG at the Queen.

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