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Harry Potter is the main character, his parents died when he was a little kid. Harry was the only one surviving. Because his mother protected him with the strongest power ever "love". He only got a scratch in his forehead looking like a lightning.
Harry has brown hair and green eyes. Harry got to stay with his uncle, aunt and cousin. They are not nice to him. They don’t even remember his birthday and ask him to stay quiet in his room instead. This is what makes him interesting since he is just a normal kid with some problems at home, but he is a good student at school. What motivates him is to continue his life is the school. There will he be treated normally (or as normal as it can be in a world of magic) which is the opposite of how it is at home. Even though they are kind of scared of him, since he is a magician and could have done horrible things to them. What they don’t know is that Harry is not allowed to use magic outside school.

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Ronald "Ron" Weasley is his red head friend. He has two brothers and one little sister. Everyone in his family is magicians. Hermione Jean Granger is his other friend. She is a girl with brown hair. They tree (Harry, Ron and Hermione) are the main characters in the novel.

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Teachers and professors form school.


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The most important scene in the novel is when Harry finds out that Hagrid is not the person who opened the Chamber of Secrets. It was Valdemort who did it. Or Tom Marvolo Riddle as we first get to know him.

Lord Valdemort:

Dobby is a house- elf who, unlike most other house-elves, wanted to be free. Dobby was abused and tormented slave of the Malfoys before the external image HP2dobby.jpgevents of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In his first appearance in the in Chamber of Secrets, Dobby knew of Lucius Molfoy's plans to re-open the Chamber of Secrets using Tom Riddle's school diary for months before it happened.

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