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The novel goes into the genre of adventure I think, because they are sailing down the river on an adventure. The novel keeps mentioning how the “niggers” are being treated in America at this time in history. The author seems to be a resister against how “niggers” are treated, because many of the people in the novel get really sad when they are seeing families getting split. Also the character Jim tries to escape this and I really start to feel sympathy.

The structure in the novel is pretty comon, have a little introduction were the characters are a little bit described, but not so much since this is book two in a kind of serie. It continues with a middle part were they are sailing down the river and there are small and big excitement tops everywhere. In the end there are a final excitement top before it ends. The story is also chronological and are following the natural time speed, there are no jumps back and forth in the story.

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