The world was perfect for “Danny” until one night he woke up finding out his father was gone. He drove one of the cars in the garage looking for his father, and found him in the woods of mean Mr. Victor Hazell. That night “Danny” found out one bad thing about his father, he had been illegal hunting of the famous pheasant bird at Mr. Hazell farm. Victor Hazell was a famous landowner and an enemy for his father since Mr. Hazell wanted to buy up his land and mechanical workshop.

“Danny” and his father got back to their home and started planning their next moves in the fight against Victor Hazell. “Danny’s” father planed to sabotage Victor Hazell’s yearly event of hunting pheasants. The idea of the father was not to become a success, so “Danny” stepped in with a new idea: to give all the birds where the event was attending a needle with sleeping agent before taking them away.

The night the mission was to attend, there were some trouble in the woods, where the father also broke his leg, but the mission was successful, so all they had to do were to wait for the big event. The event went on as it had to, and one day a mad Victor Hazell showed up angry and disgraced. He finds the birds hidden, and orders “Danny”, his father and a police constable to get them all in his expensive car. That quickly turns, and after the car were all ripped up, the birds flew their way far, far away from Victor Hazell’s forest. The yearly event for Victor Hazell was with this cancelled.

Here is simulare bird which we can find on Mr. Hanzell's farm.

external image pheasant2.gif